Marco Cartasegna for Artsy Diners

marco cartasegna.jpg

How do you think Artificial Intelligence can aid the restaurant industry?

AI is already being applied to the restaurant industry. For instance, food delivery Apps use AI to suggest you dishes or new restaurants based on your previous purchases. This is a simple example, but it can be applied in different ways, as in suggesting you restaurants nearby based on your diet, your health conditions, how much you exercised that day…

What about the design industry?

In the design industry it could help every client design their own models of chairs, tables, couches… The client could simply draw a sketch and the AI powered tool could transform it in an actual design.

What do you enjoy more: a good ‘trattoria’ or a cooly designed restaurant?

Depends on the mood and occasion! Can’t pick one, but if I have to, cool one.

Favorite typical cuisine restaurant in Milan?

Al Garghet.

Favorite restaurant in Milan for design?

Ce ne sono tanti molto belli, stile ricercato quello di Atlas Foyer, se si vuole sentirsi in campagna Al Cortile, per un pranzo Potafiori.

(There are many nice ones…interesting design: Atlas Foyer. But if you want to feel like you’re in the countryside, then Il Cortile, and for lunch Potafiori)


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