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Tell us about the restaurant scene in Lisbon? 

It’s a very big city and it has a lot of characteristics. I enjoy the traditional neighborhoods, as well as the cool new ones. The most touristy is Chiado. I also enjoy going by the river, thats where I go running.

Hidden spots?

With tourism nowadays I can’t say there are any hidden spots anymore. Where you can definitely go to, which is not as touristy, is Graça and you have amazing viewpoints all over the place, one after the other, the other, the other…

Obviously you then have the iconic restaurants like Gambrinus, and those are classics. We now have new upcoming chefs that do a lot of cool restaurants, like Avillez or Chef Kiko, and their restaurants’ names are Cantinho do Avillez, O Asiatico, A Cevicheria and are the new cool places to go to.

Best for interior design?

Actually a new thing has just opened, it’s called JNCQUOI, and it’s a bar, a restaurant, a concept store, so it’s a whole building and the place is super cool; you have the skeleton of the dinosaur inside, so as far as interior design, that’s my favorite.

Where to enjoy art?

For art you have the traditional museums, such as the Centro de Arte Moderna, the Museu Coleção Berardo, and you have LX Factory, which is more about urban art and it’s really worth seeing; you have all of these pop- up museums and galleries, so it’s definitely worth the try.

What about restaurants and the new branding trend, with big groups or chefs opening many different dining spaces? 

I think it’s a super cool idea, it gives people a sense and certainty of something they already know, so if someone identifies with the brand, they know they will like the restaurant, the environment or the setting. The restaurant for interior design that I just mentioned before (JNCQUOI), was actually made in a partnership with Valentino, so it makes completely sense.

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