Top 10 Cool Restaurants: Lisbon

1. A Cevicheria

A Cevicheria: R. Dom Pedro V 129

Many say it is the new place to be. Opened by chef Kiko Martins, its’ interior design (by studio Antonio Martins) is eye-catching, with an octopus designed by Joao Parrinha hanging down the ceiling, and doors inspired by Escher’s designs.

2. Fabulas

Fabulas: nº14, Calçada Nova de São Francisco

Not only a cool space to work and enjoy coffee, but it also hosts various exhibitions with work from emerging artists.

3. Tabik

Tabik: Av. da Liberdade 29A

Surrounded by copies of Caravaggio and Velazquez, mixed with the modern furniture design, this restaurant is not only located in one of the streets that is home to fashion’s most iconic names, but it also offers the cuisine of renown chef Manuel Lino. Designed by Ricardo Tralhão.

4. O Asiatico

O Asiatico: R. da Rosa, 317

Another restaurant result of the synergy Antonio and Kiko Martins.

4. Areias do Seixo

Areias do Seixo: Praceta do Atlântico, Póvoa de Penafirme

A boutique hotel, just 20 minutes outside of Lisbon, with a mixture of eco and luxurious design. Each room  hosts a different design and the restaurant too is exquisitely elegant, with clear-cut lines and a calm feel.

5. Cantinho do Avillez

Cantinho do Avillez: R. Duques de Bragança 7

Designed by Ana Anahory and Felipa Almeida, the restaurant’s chef is the famous José Avillez.


JNCQUOI: Av. da Liberdade 182-184

Located in the Tivoli Theatre building (designed by architect Raul Lino), it is a three-floor space designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán. It is house to a restaurant (with dishes signed by chef Antonio Boia), a deli market, La Durée, Assouline’s boutique, and men’s fashion store The Fashion Clinic.

7. Lost In Esplanada Bar

Lost In Esplanada Bar: Rua D.Pedro V Nº56-D

Ready to lose yourself in this oasis with Indian vibes?

8. Pharmacia

Pharmacia: R. Mal. Saldanha 1

Designed and owned by Tânia Martins, she created this pharmacy-looking restaurant with chef Susana Felicidade.

9. Eka Palace

Eka Palace: Calçada Dom Gastão 12

A cool place with several rooms and a terrace, it allows artists to exhibit their work — from paintings, to performance arts and music.

10. LX Factory


If you’re interested in art, you must visit LX Factory. A small city with galleries, restaurants, exhibitions and anything that is related to all forms of art. Want to dine here too? Then visit Rio Maravilha‘s terrace or Cafe na Fabrica.


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